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Programs We Offer

At Winding Branch Ranch, we're dedicated to innovative and engaging programs that support our mission while providing memorable experiences. Our Rescue Ranch School offers educational opportunities for students to learn about animal care and environmental stewardship. Our delightful Goat Grams bring joy directly to your doorstep, featuring adorable baby goats for a unique Mother’s Day surprise. Expanding our eco-friendly initiatives, we also offer Goat Landscaping, a green solution where our rescue goats help maintain your lawn, promoting a sustainable approach to yard care. Each of these programs not only brings our community closer to nature but also supports our ongoing efforts to rescue and care for animals in need.

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Mother's Day
Goat Grams

Goat Grams bring adorable baby goats right to your door for a joyful, unforgettable surprise! Perfect gift for Mother's Day!

Goat Landscaping

Our Goat Landscaping service offers an eco-friendly way to maintain your lawn with the help of our rescue goats, supporting our sanctuary and promoting green living.


Rescue Ranch School

Rescue Ranch School provides hands-on learning about animal care and environmental responsibility, fostering compassion and knowledge in a fun, interactive setting.

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