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Welcome to Winding Branch Ranch:
Where Every Animal Has a Story

At Winding Branch Ranch, our sanctuary provides a loving haven for rescued animals, each with a unique tale of resilience. From majestic horses to spirited chickens, every creature is cherished and valued. Our mission is to rescue, revive, and rehome animals in need, offering them a second chance at life. You can make a difference by adopting or sponsoring an animal, providing them with the care and compassion they deserve. Join us in giving these animals the love and support they need to thrive.

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Adoption: At Winding Branch Ranch, we strive to find loving forever homes for our rescued animals. Adopting from our sanctuary means providing a second chance at life for animals who have faced neglect or hardship. Whether you're considering a majestic horse, a gentle rabbit, or a spirited chicken, each adoption creates a lasting bond filled with love and compassion. Join us in making a difference by opening your heart and home to a deserving animal in need of a loving family.


If adoption isn't an option for you, sponsoring an animal at Winding Branch Ranch is a wonderful way to support our mission. Your sponsorship provides crucial funds for the ongoing care, feeding, and medical needs of our rescued animals. By becoming a sponsor, you play a vital role in ensuring that these animals receive the care and attention they need to thrive, even if they haven't found their forever homes yet. Plus, sponsorship allows you to form a special connection with a specific animal, knowing that your support directly impacts their well-being. Join us in making a difference and become a sponsor today.

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