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Goat Landscaping, a green and delightful way to maintain your yard while supporting our farm animal rescue and sanctuary. From May 18th to May 25th, we are offering a special service where our friendly rescue goats will come to your home to naturally trim your lawn. This environmentally-friendly landscaping solution not only helps you maintain your yard but also supports our mission to care for and rescue more animals.


How It Works Goat Landscaping provides a natural approach to yard maintenance. Our goats are excellent at grazing and can help reduce your lawn’s length while fertilizing the soil. Here’s what you need to know to book our goats for a day:

  • Booking: Due to the unique nature of this service, we handle all bookings over the phone. This allows us to discuss the specifics of your yard and our service in detail.

  • Site Requirements: To ensure the safety of our goats and the effectiveness of the service, your yard must be completely fenced in. This keeps our goats safe and contained while they work.

  • Site Check: Before confirming your booking, one of our team members will perform a site check to ensure that your property is suitable for our goats.

  • One Home Per Day: We dedicate an entire day to each home to provide a thorough and unrushed service, ensuring our goats have plenty of time to graze and that your lawn receives the attention it deserves.


Why Choose Goat Landscaping?

  • Eco-Friendly: Goats are a natural and eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers, reducing noise pollution and carbon emissions.

  • Support a Cause: All proceeds from our Goat Landscaping event go directly towards supporting our animal rescue efforts, helping us provide shelter, food, and care to rescued animals.

  • Educational Experience: This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about sustainable practices and animal welfare, making it a great educational experience for families.


Book Your Goat Landscaping Experience Ready to book your Goat Landscaping service? Please call us at (210) 245-0393 to schedule a site check and secure your spot. Remember, we are only visiting one home per day, so book early to ensure your lawn is on our list!


Join us in making a difference—one yard at a time!

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